3 Unusual Sculptures in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

There was a time when you could find only a few options on Las Vegas Strip to have fun. You could only gamble, watch a show, and enjoy buffet food. Today, the boulevard has become a lot more vibrant and colourful with luxury casino hotels and high-end shopping complexes.  Above all, you’ll get to witness […]

5 Famous Sculptors of the 21st Century

The world of sculpture has undergone major transformations in today’s times. Most of the contemporary sculptors follow the anything-goes approach, which is highly liberating. Many of them use their works to address the pressing concerns of current political and social life.  The new millennium is witnessing the rise of certain artists who focus on the […]

4 Wonderful Sculptures of Michelangelo

An Italian sculptor, painter, poet, and architect of the High Renaissance, Michelangelo was born in the Republic of Florence. It was a medieval and early modern state centred on Florence, an Italian city. Many scholars consider him as one of the greatest artists of all time. He had a tremendous influence on Western art and […]

Greek Sculpture During the Archaic Period

The Archaic period refers to the span of time from 650 to 500 BCE. During this period, Greek sculptors began to create monumental sculptures out of marble. During classical antiquity, the sculptors of Greece learned bronze-casting and stone carving from the Egyptians and Syrians. The most important sculptures in Greece during this period had a […]

3 Famous Sculptures of Pablo Picasso

Although Pablo Picasso is best known for his paintings, he has also produced some intriguing sculptures. During his lifetime, his frequently exhibited sculptures were mostly two-dimensional works. The first major sculpture of Picasso was exhibited in 1966 when he was 85 years of age.  He turned to sculpture at many of the important junctures of […]

4 Renowned Sculptors Who Created Fascinating Masterpieces

The early sculptures were created by carving and modelling stone, wood, metal, and ceramics. A revival and imitation of the Greco-Roman art were witnessed during the period between the 14th and 17th centuries. This was followed by the Baroque period. In the late 19th century, there was a rise in Modernism.  During this period, artists […]

An Overview of the French Renaissance Sculpture

France was the place where the greatest movements of Romanesque and Gothic sculpture were born. The simple and classical forms of Italian Renaissance sculpture replaced the Gothic style. During the 15th century, many of the feudal castles in France were transformed into chateaux of pleasure.  This gave rise to commissions for the new Renaissance-style sculpture. […]

An Insight Into the Italian Early Renaissance Sculpture

Renaissance art in Italy received patronage mainly from prominent families. Some of them were the Medici, the Gonzaga, the Bentivoglio, and the Visconti. Under Pope Sixtus IV and Julius II, many great works of art were created. The revival of classical forms and subjects greatly influenced Italian Renaissance sculpture. Most of the sculpted pieces during […]

Common Materials Used for Creating Fabulous Sculptures

The art of sculpting has existed since ancient times. Over the years, many different types of materials have been used for creating sculptures. Clay, wood, bronze, or marble was used in most of the classic sculptures. There are certain materials used in the process, which never make it to the finished piece of art.  Some […]

4 Iconic Sculptures of the World

There’s something about a sculpture, which makes it seem more than just a piece of art. There are sculptures that engage you with their three-dimensional features. You’ll also come across sculptures that seem to send out a message. Some of these sculpted masterpieces have been communicating with people for many centuries.  These works of art […]

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